It's great to be back prepping for Good Beer Week 2022

With the re-opening of hospitality in Melbourne we are stoked to announce GBW 2022 is going ahead, and celebrating from May 20 - 28. 

Presented by the Independent Brewers Association, the 2022 event will be focussed on locality, independence, and celebrating the venues and beers in our favourite neighbourhoods. We are also running from Saturday to Saturday this year, so we don't tire ourselves out (but we'll still have our launch party on Friday May 20)

Like every year we want to see your events taken to new levels. We are sure you've had a few weird and unusual ideas over the last few months so now's the time to share them with us.

Event registrations close midnight November 15.

Full Event Guidelines

In 2022 we are looking for events that:

  • Build on the success of the 2021 program
  • Showcase and support the best Australian independent breweries. We’ve provided you with a list so you can connect with our brewery members but please reach out if you need any help.
  • Are creative and innovative and not something you can experience outside of GBW. Be original! Try to build an event that hasn’t been done before.
  • Are good value. Mid-priced events (approx $50) often sell better than those at $100+.
  • Expand GBW event further into regional Victoria
  • Showcase new breweries, venues or producers who have not featured in GBW previously
  • Educate attendees about the beer they are drinking and the story behind the beer
  • Events must centrally feature the appreciation of good beer and actively practice and promote the responsible service and use of alcohol (no beer pong). 
  • Offer a COVIDsafe environment
  • Events repeated in their entirety from previous years or events otherwise not displaying creativity and a unique flavour may be turned down. 

Register Here

Please email if you have any questions.