This event has been sending guests rolling home for four years now. You will not leave this with anything but a full tummy and good memories. 

The team from Horn Please will take you through a feast of favourites from the menu of entrees that is always changing and endlessly exciting. Then it's curry and naan for everyone. If you're vegetarian, don't sweat anything but the spice, because you will definitely be catered for. You'll finish dessert and beg them to stop bringing you food. 

Bridge Road will even be brewing a beer especially for the event. 

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Ben Kraus from Bridge Road Brewers and Topher Boehm from Wildflower Brewers and Blenders both have immense passion for beer. Brewing, blending, and sharing why they love this wonderful product. 

For Barrels in the Dome, they are setting up in the unique Norla Dome. That's the big domed building you see around Wurundjeri Way. The inside is spectacular, so to get the chance to meet to of the most fascinating brewers in the country while they pour you beer is one not to be missed. 

They promise to bring limited and rare beers, while you graze an "opulent" grazing table. Opulent is their word, and frankly, we are excited to see it. 

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