Thanks everybody! Event registrations for Good Beer Week 2018 closed at midnight last night, so we hope you got your event idea into us in time!

The Good Beer Week programming team is looking at all of the events this week to confirm which events have made the cut, so hold tight and you'll hear from us soon.

If approved, you have until January 31 to finalise your details for the print program, and right up until program launch in mid-March to get your event page on the Good Beer Week websitesounding like the coolest thing since sliced bread.  

If your event is not accepted for the 2018 program, you will be informed in November and receive a refund for the cost of your registration, minus a 10% administration fee.

The Good Beer Week team would like to thank everyone for putting in such fantastic and well thought out applications - 2018 is already looking brilliant, and we're so excited to share it all with you in March!

Without the hard work of the breweries and venues who take on the GBW challenge, Good Beer Week would still be just a few mates making grand plans for the love of beer.

Remember, if you are interested in supporting the festival through marketing or sponsorship please contact us at info@goodbeerweek.com.

Cheers from the Good Beer Week Team!

(Photo of Cans and Bands 2017 taken by Nicole Reed)

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