Kekou and the Coedo Brewing Japan come together to try something new. Not new-new, but old-new, pairing craft beers with Asian inspired flavors is something Kekou does every day, but getting the chance to pair unique Japanese flavors with Coedo’s exquisite, delicately balanced craft beers is rare.

Kekou’s head chef Oak Kunnalok is presenting a unique six-course menu drawing from experience in Nobu’s kitchen to create a delicate but delicious menu, reflecting the Japanese flavors and style that Coedo encapsulates in their beer.

Coedo brews using only the finest ingredients, using pure water and an artisan’s touch. World class beer paired with world class food. A representative from Coedo will also be joining us for this night.

Sat 16 May 6:30pm-9:30pm


396 Bridge Road
(03) 9089 7299

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