Stone & Wood is the household beer you serve on a summer afternoon, on the beach, while you scorch something on the barbie.

Forest for the Trees on the other hand, is the nostalgic farmhouse pour brought to you by Stone & Wood’s co-founder, Brad Rogers. These are something a bit sour, a bit spicy and brings it back to basics. Together, these two have decided to join forces with Pope Joan- a brand adored for the past 10 years for its dedication to sourcing and supporting local produce, its passion for great food and its love for bringing people together over a meal.

Pope Joan’s head chef Jake McWilliams invites you to join us at the table where we will be serving up a feast, inspired by the beers which brought you here. Snag a chair, make friends with the person on the other end of the table, have a few beers, and let us bring you a slice of the summery Byron picnics we all look forward to each year.

Tue 19 May 7:00pm-Late


Pope Joan
16/45 Collins Street
(03) 9654 8545

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