We all remember it. That moment where you drank the first beer that totally blew your mind, and changed the way you thought about brews forever.

That epiphany realisation can be a momentous reckoning, one that can re-route lives, direct passions, and upend preconceptions. And it’s that exact moment that we want to celebrate, talk about, and drink the spoils of!

This is an incredibly special event, bringing together four brewers to each talk about three very personal beers: Their epiphany beer, their admiration beer, and their pride beer. We're chuffed to have brewers from Two Birds Brewing, La Sirène, Future Mountain and Burnley Brewing.

Attendees will get to try some of each of these very special beers while you listen to the stories about them. This is an unparalleled opportunity to get a glimpse into the mind of these considered brewers, see where some of their influences come from, and see where their own brews are headed.


Wed 19 May 7:30pm-Late

Perry's: A Refreshment Club

314 Smith Street

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