Trans Antarctic Freestyle Brew-Off!
Bonehead Brewing

After their inaugural sell out event, Bonehead Brewing are at it again with their 2nd “Trans Antarctic Freestyle Brew-Off” (TAFBO).

What is a TAFBO? You’ll be glad you asked.

Two breweries from opposite sides of the world colliding in competition and collaboration while sharing their unique styles, adding their own cultural signature and trying to out brew each other.

Bonehead Brewing from Melbourne’s inner North West, in their 2nd year and now experts at making it up as they go and Buenos Aires trailblazers Dos Dingos.

After the raging success of last year’s NEIPA, the South Americans are returning serve by throwing down the challenge of a Catharina Sour, a beer fast becoming a South American staple.

In preparation for Good Beer Week, with nothing more than the style to work off, both breweries have prepared for a simultaneous brew day, with the recipes only divulged by the opposing brewery on the brew day, from the other side of the world, via a video link. You may call it “Boneheaded”; we call it a TAFBO.

On the day, the boys from Dos Dingos will travel to Bonehead in Melbourne to participate in the bare bones judging by you of the two beers. They’ll also be cooking up a traditional Argentine style Asado to bring us a taste of the scene in Argentina.

$35 for the Asado lunch and free samples of the competition beers (Dietary requirements will be catered for with advanced notice).


Sat 11 May 12:00pm-11:00pm
No longer available

Bonehead Brewing

86 Parsons Street
phone 0490 334 892


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