Pils, Pickles, Pretzels and Wurst
Kirk's Pub

Kirk's Pub will be showcasing some of the best of the new wave examples from here in the Antipodes alongside a couple of benchmark examples from Pilsener's home turf in Bavaria and the Czech Republic. Feature brewers will include Foreigner Brewing Co, Brunswick's very own Czech Pilsener specialists, Moo Brew's Dave McGill and Beechworth's Bridge Rd Brewery. Steve and Hayley Plowman from Auckland's Hallertau brewery will be swinging by for a swig and a chinwag. Representing the Europeans will be Bavaria's Arcobrau and Budvar Budejovicky from the Czech Republic.

Smallgoods maestro Simon Poole of Butchers Diner will be creating a selection of classic central European style Wurst, served alongside an abundance of pickles and sauerkraut with Bretzel's authentically chewy pretzels aplenty to complement the various brews on offer.

The craft beer movement, both locally and internationally was born as a response to the commoditisation and mundanity of the big brewers, their simple lagers and ensuing lack of diversity. The scene has now matured and come full cycle. Pilseners are now being reassessed and reevaluated for what they once were and what they may continue to be: one of the great, classic beers styles of Europe.

$20 tasting paddles of all six featured Pilseners will be available. Foreigner Brewing Co will be rolling in with an extra keg of something special.


Wed 15 May 5:00pm-11:00pm

Kirk's Pub

382 Little Bourke St
phone (03) 9600 4550

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