Fruit Blaster
Tallboy and Moose

Tallboy and Moose host Boatrocker, 3 Ravens and Brouhaha in a fruity explosion that will blow your mind! A diverse line-up of eight beers have been made using extreme amounts of fruit and are all included in the ticket price.

The beer lineup is announced!!! All beers are one-off releases made specifically for FruitBlaster:

Tallboy and Moose

Snot Rocket - 4.9% Our GABS 2019 release "Snot Block" features lactose, vanilla and passionfruit. The Rocket is loaded with a massive booster of snot (passionfruit puree).

Blueberry Soma - 5.6% Mixed fermentation Norwegian farmhouse ale featuring a euphoric dose of bring you closer to the gods.


Apricot Jam - 6.2% Lambic Style blend that has been aged on 150kgs of fresh Apricots.

Cherry Crush - 6.2% Kriek style ale aged on 120kgs of Sour Morello Cherries.


Jens & the Giant Peach - 6.5% A collab with Tallboy and Moose, Norwegian IPA with a massive fruit re-fermentation on 160kgs of peaches.

Raspberry Milk Stout - 4.8% Sweet, roasty and chocolaty stout with the addition of raspberries...yum.

3 Ravens

Black Cherry Acid - 2.9% Blended Mixed fermentation Sour Red Ale with Black Cherry. A complex and easy-drinking sour red beer created by blending a portion of wild, barrel aged mixed fermentation ale and house-made barrel aged vinegar into a light and fruity fast soured red-hued base. Fruity esters, sweet malt, toasted oak, lactic- and acetic-acid combine to give this bright, tart and refreshing beer subtle hints of balsamic vinegar and pie cherry. This version, made specifically for Fruit Blaster, contains 20% unfermented black cherry purée.

Wild Apricot Saison - 6.3% Blended, mixed culture farmhouse ale refermented on apricot. In May 2017 Brouhaha’s Matt Jancauskus and 3 Ravens Brendan O’Sullivan were sampling barrels of wild and sour beer, when they noted that one barrel tasted like a lot like fresh apricots. They also agreed that it would blend particularly well with another barrel of saison - and so the concept was formed. Matt would send a few kegs of his Saison down to Melbourne, to be blended with this two barrels, and refermented with apricot puree. The beers were blended in January 2019, with the final blend made up of mixed-culture saison (40%) and aromatic wild ale (40%) - both aged approx 19 months in oak - and a young, clean, dry saison from Brouhaha. Approx 18% (by volume) of apricot puree was added and allowed to referment. After fermentation the apricot solids settled out to the cone of the fermenter - this dense apricot deliciousness was kegged and conditioned exclusively for Fruit Blaster.


Sat 11 May 12:00pm-3:00pm
Sat 11 May 4:00pm-Late

Tallboy and Moose

270 Raglan St
phone (03) 9484 7803

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