Brewing Bad takes 12 mild-mannered civilians (from beer aficionados to high-school science teachers) and dumps them headfirst into the seedy underbelly world of brewing.

Participants will be involved start to finish in designing, brewing, and drinking their own custom beer in time for the launch party only one week later.

Included in the experience:

  • Brew conception: work as a team with our brewers to brainstorm the style, flavour notes and ingredients of our collective beer.

  • Guided Brewing: get involved! You'll be there side-by-side with our brewers creating your beer.

  • Label and name workshop: branding is important. Workshop as a team to find the perfect name and theme that our expert designer will use for the finished label.

  • Remember my name: forget having your name up in lights, it's all about your name printed on the can.

  • Lunch: tasty barbecue or vegan options.

  • Bad Shepherd T-shirt: you've got to look the part to be part of the crew.

  • A slab of final beer: a slab of your very own beer! Perfect for gifts or just to enjoy yourself.

Book now so you don't miss out on this incredibly limited experience!

Sat 16 May 7:00am-2:00pm


Bad Shepherd Brewing Co.
386 Reserve Road
(03) 8555 3175

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