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Don't Mess With Texas! This is the White Oaks Saloon's second volume of the Art of the Boilermaker this year, showcasing the collaborative brilliance of what Texas has to offer the world in craft beer and Whiskey. This pairing will take you on a journey experiencing the flavours and aromas of the geography and produce of the south. Two highly regarded and awarded brands that are difficult to source locally in the USA.

Join us at the White Oaks Saloon for this rare matching opportunity. We'll have a representative from the Australian distributor of Jester King Brewery and Balcones Whiskey to host the night as we discover the Art of the Boilermaker, Expect a showcase of some Jester King beers never seen in Australia before!

Wed 20 May 7:00pm-9:00pm


White Oaks Saloon Bar & Dining
115 - 117 Greville Street
(03) 8395 5719

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