Insane in the Yeast Strain
Tallboy and Moose

Discover the definitive role different yeast strains play in beer flavour profiles and discover your favourite yeast strain. This unique free event is a collaboration between Bluestone Yeast (a Melbourne based liquid yeast lab), the creative geniuses Dan and Steve from Tallboy and Moose, and Australia’s most active home brew club; the Merri Mashers.

The Merri Mashers home brew club were given an expertly balanced wort from Tallboy and Moose. Then, 7 different yeast strains from Bluestone Yeast’s bio-bank (currently only offered to professional brewers) were given to the home brewers. Come and see if you can pick a Belgian from an American Ale? Or a Norwegian from a Saison, and compare the home brewers with the professionals.


Fri 17 May 6:00pm-9:00pm

Tallboy and Moose

270 Raglan St
phone (03) 9484 7803

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