Grains vs Grapes at 161 Cellars
161 Cellars

With many modern brewers having a background in wine, the number of beer/wine hybrids are multiplying by the week. Sour ales refermented with grape varietals, crisp beers blended with unfermented juice, stouts aged in red wine barrels - the possibilities stretch on and on.

At 161 Cellars, like many Australian's we're obsessed with both beer and wine. So, unable to split our love for the grain and the grape, we've decided to take you on a journey through beer/wine hybrids, matched with a wine of the appropriate varietal.

In tasting beers that utilise wine grapes and then a great example of the wine styles they've used the grapes from, we're hoping to impart a deeper understanding of both types of beverage. Or at least provide a delicious night in an intimate setting in Melbourne's South East.

Our in house beer geek will be walking you through the hybrids with our wine expert to explain how the wine impacts and changes the beer.

Light snack, great company and credit towards a purchase at 161 Cellars included in the ticket price.


Sun 12 May 2:00pm-4:15pm
No longer available

161 Cellars

161 Burke Road
Glen Iris
phone (03) 9509 5280


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