Sensory training at The Foreigner Brewing Company
The Foreigner Brewing Company

The ability to identify individual faults and flavours is central to appreciating and brewing good beer. Aimed at both beer lovers and home brewers, we'll be using industry standard training kits to do blind triangle tests of 12 different faults and flavours.

Triangle testing involves three samples, one of which is dosed with an unidentified flavour. Your job is to identify which sample is different, and what that difference is. We'll provide plenty of information about the flavours after each sample is revealed, as well as printed information about all the flavours covered and your results to take home. We can cater to individual palates by increasing sample strength or providing access to smell the undiluted flavour if you're new to sensory training and need to find your bearings.

Includes flavour kits, snacks and top-ups of fresh un-dosed beer to cleanse your palate throughout the event.


Mon 13 May 6:30pm-8:00pm
Tue 14 May 6:30pm-8:00pm

The Foreigner Brewing Company

Factory 12, 102 Henkel St
phone 1300 554 606


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