Beer by a Winemaker, Wine by a Brewer
Molly Rose Brewbar

Four beers and four wines will be showcased alongside some delicious food pairings.

In the lead up to the event Molly Rose Brewer Nic Sandery will make a wine with Pacha Mama winemaker Callie Jemmeson, and Callie will make a beer with Nic.

There will also be a mystery brewer and winemaker pair coming at you with their own creations.

The flights will be served with brief description of the wine or beer but no clues as to who made it and following each flight the creators will chat briefly about their intentions with each project and the shenanigans that happen when you try your hand at someone else's profession.


Sun 12 May 6:30pm-11:00pm
Sold Out

Molly Rose Brewbar

279 Wellington Street


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